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TriLens: A Photographer’s Best Friend When Swapping Lenses

May 31st, 2017 | by Z. Gonzales

Photographers and even photography enthusiasts would know the struggle of lugging not only a heavy DSLR camera but also all the different type of lenses one would need for the many different types of scenes you’d want to capture in a day.

A Swedish start-up called Frii designs have has enough of this problem and has decided to do something about it. The company has created a nifty contraption that allow users to easily switch lenses on the go.



The device is called TriLens is basically looks like a pipe splitter that holds up to three camera lenses. Users can then easily switch lenses by simply mounting and dismounting them from the camera and the holder.

The TriLens will be available for Canon, Nikon and Sony lenses – specifically the EF, F and F/FE types of lenses respectively. The TriLens holder is designed to hold a variety of lenses from primes to those large telephoto lenses up to 100kg in weight. This is made possible through the holder’s stainless steel and fiber reinforced nylon construction.


Trilens lifestyle image

Its design also takes into consideration the users comfort. The rotating mechanism automatically adjusts its center of gravity so the user can still freely move even when carrying a heavy and large lens. Moreover, the anti-friction mechanism keeps the holder stable even when the user is walking or running.

At the time of writing, the start-up’s campaign on Kickstarter has already received enough pledges to get the ball rolling when it comes to production. The first set of TriLens holder is expected to ship starting September for around $120.

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