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Gear Review: Lumos Lightning Flash Disk

May 21st, 2017 | by Z. Gonzales

If you’ve ever owned an iOS device, you’ll know how tough it can be to move things around especially between Apple devices and non-Apple ones. This is even made worse if you own an iPhone or iPad with just 16GB of storage and you need to constantly move photos and other files.


Fortunately, Apple has made available a technology that has long been used in Android – USB OTG (On-The-Go). While lightning thumb drives are generally more expensive than their Android counterparts, I’ve managed to find one particular brand that offers it at a much cheaper price – Lumos with its Lightning Flash Stick.

However, does the cheaper price tag mean it is also lower in quality compared to other more known brands? Read this review to find out.




The design on f the Lumos lightning flash drive is very simple and underrate. There are no fancy lines or curves to make you distracted and there are no complicated mechanisms that might confuse you when using the device.


The Lumos flash drive is rectangular in shape and is encased in a single piece of metal with curved edges. It also has a minimalist design, sporting very little branding like the product’s logo, its storage capacity and a couple of international standard markings.

Boxing 2

The top and bottom portions of the device is where you’ll find the lightning and USB connectors. Each end is covered by a clear plastic cap whose insides fit snugly on the two connectors.

Lastly, there’s a small LED indicator at the back of the device which tells you the battery level – blue means its charged while a red blinking light will notify you if it’s running out of juice.




Unlike other OTG devices for Android systems, lightning flash disks require a third-party app in order for users to access its content. For the Lumos, it uses the I-Drive app which can be downloaded for free in the App store.

Design Construction 1

The app is generally easy to use and navigate. All the files and media stored on the Lumos can be accessed through the external storage section of the interface. Users can copy or move files into a couple of locations in the iOS device including the camera roll and local storage (accessible only via the app).

Design Construction 2

As for the two caps at the ends of the device, they have enough resistance to the body that you don’t need to worry of them coming off whilst inside your bag. However, since they come off whenever you use either of the two connectors, it’s very likely that these caps can get lost especially since they are made of clear plastic making them easy to lose.

 The device is also quite wide. This means that if you plug it into a USB port on your laptop or computer, it might (partially or fully) other USB ports beside it. If you only have two USB ports on your device and both of them are sitting beside each other, you might want to purchase a USB male-to-female cord in order for you to use the Lumos drive and another USB-based device (say a mouse) at the same time.




With a price tag of just below PHP3,000 (~US$60) for a 32GB model, the Lumos lightning thumb drive is definitely one of the cheapest options currently in the market. Although it might not have a prestigious brand to show off, its minimalist design and uncompromising functionality doesn’t make it any lesser than lightning thumb drives made by more established brands.

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable thumb drive for your iPhone or iPad, the Lumos drive is definitely something you should consider.


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