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Zero Breeze: Portable AC Unit, Among Other Things

May 18th, 2017 | by Z. Gonzales

The summer heat has been relentless this past couple of weeks and it appears the colder months are still far from sight. So, unfortunately for most of us, we’ll just have to stay content with fanning our way out of summer – or so we thought.

What if there was a way for us to cool down wherever we are?

Zero breeze 1

Meet Zero Breeze, a portable air conditioner unit that functions as a power bank, a Bluetooth speaker, and a LED lamp all at the same time. The brainchild of a startup firm in San Francisco, this portable AC unit has been in development since 2014 and is now shipping to its early backers.

The Zero Breeze portable AC unit is capable of a 50 square feet room to below 10 degrees Celsius which makes it perfect for small spaces like a tent or even a dorm room. The device can be used indoors or outdoors and packs other nifty features despite its small package.

For starters, the Zero Breeze can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker with built-in controls for adjusting audio levels and playback controls. It can also serve as a power bank and a LED lamp. As an air conditioner, the device consumes around 120-150 watts and has 3 fan speeds and 3 cool settings.

As mentioned before, the Zero Breeze portable air conditioner has started shipping to its early backers. Once it becomes commercially available, it is expected to retail for around $500.


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