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Travis: 80 Languages in Your Pocket

May 16th, 2017 | by Z. Gonzales

All travelers know that the language barrier is one of those things that’s quite hard to overcome when in a foreign country. In the old days, the best way to go around this problem was to bring a dictionary of the language you want to learn with you. Then a few years before, with the advent of technology came apps that help translate different languages.

Travis translator

However, these apps aren’t the easiest to use especially when you’re overseas since most of them require an internet connection to work and since you’re glued to the screen of your phone during the translation process – eye contact, an important part of real world communication is sacrificed.

A new gadget called Travis is trying to take the hassle out of foreign language communication by bringing real-time translation.

Basically, Travis looks like a portable LTE router with built-in microphones and speakers as well as a tiny computer that does the translating for you. You use it by simply speaking on to it and it translates and broadcasts it to your chosen language using the speakers.


According to the team behind the translator, Travis will also feature some noise canceling technology for better input and can work with or without an internet connection. The device is packing a quad-core processor and a 12-hour battery.

The translator has been posted on Indiegogo and has been successfully funded. The Travis translator will start shipping to its first backers next month. According to its Indiegogo campaign page, the device will cost around $149.

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