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Penna: The Retro Bluetooth Keyboard

April 20th, 2017 | by Z. Gonzales

These days, most young people don’t have a slightest idea on how to work with a typewriter. Although people won’t be swapping their laptops for a typewriter, there’s just a different sort of joy when one gets when using something mechanical that don’t need to use electricity. Fortunately, it seems there’s a growing movement in the tech scene that wants to bring back the typewriter into the digital age. One particular company contributing to this movement is Elretron with its Penna Bluetooth keyboard.



The Penna keyboard is undoubtedly sporting the retro look of a typewriter that is sure to give anyone’s workspace more character.

Despite the vintage look, the Penna keyboard is built with a lot of cool tech. For starters, users have two options when it comes to the key caps – 4-axis diamond keycaps that provide more accurate typing or chrome keycaps to go all the way with the retro look.


Penna 1

The keyboard will also be using Cherry MX keys (blue, red and brown) which should make it a joy to type on. Moreover, the keyboard will also have different layouts for different languages, so users will be able to maximize using the device no matter what language they are using. On top of these, the Penna keyboard will also support multiple operating systems including Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.

A switching mechanism allows users to connect up to 5 devices to the keyboard. Switching among devices is done with the use of the FN key with the function keys for a smooth and seamless experience.

There’s also a Macro bar at the left which resembles the return lever on a typewriter. Basically, this bar will allow users to record specific commands which they can recreate or copy by simply pulling on the bar. The keyboard will also have a built-in cradle that will hold your device whether it’s a phone or a tablet.


Penna 3

The Penna keyboard will use Bluetooth v4.2, which guarantees low energy consumption. This helps the keyboard last up to 6 months with using only two AA batteries. The keyboard will also come in 5 different colors to match anyone’s style including black, white, olive green, baby pink and a special wood finish.

A Kickstarter campaign is already up for backers and the Elretron is expected to ship the Penna keyboard sometime around August 2017 for as low as $99.

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