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Solar Wallet: It Holds Cash, Cards and a Power Bank

April 7th, 2017 | by Z. Gonzales

Power has become an important aspect of our everyday lives. Power is what makes all the tech that we use including smartphones, laptops, and most recently smartwatches. With the number of gadgets requiring power on the rise, having a portable power bank in your bag is almost a necessity.

However, these power banks are quite bulky, so bringing one around all the time is not really an option. A San Francisco-based company is trying to change all that by making a power bank that will fit in your pocket by incorporating it in a leather wallet.

The Solar Wallet takes on the classic bi-fold design wallet by incorporating modern technology to make it a power bank, which is said to add up to 10 hours of charge to your devices. The wallet also comes with solar cells to allow you to charge your devices anywhere you need it. The wallet can be charged via a USB cable.

solar walletAs a wallet, it has some standard features you can find in other brands including a money clip, storage for your credit cards and even RFID protection to avoid identity theft. The built-in power bank can charge different types of devices including iOS and Android devices or anything that has a micro USB or lightning port.

The Solar Wallet is now on Kickstarter and has so far achieved its goal by a long mile. The company says estimated delivery to backers should be around December 2017. You can check out the campaign on Kickstarter by following this link.

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