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Nintendo Starts Shipping Switch Console

March 13th, 2017 | by Z. Gonzales

This is it! After months of waiting, Nintendo is finally shipping its modular gaming console – the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo switch boxDesigned to be a portable gaming system, the Switch features a main unit that can be seamlessly connected to a dock in your living space. The Switch also comes with removable Joy-con wireless controllers that can be used in unison with the main unit or used on their own in the same fashion as the company’s Wii remote.

Nintendo has also chosen to ship the Switch with games on game cards over discs used by the PS4 and Xbox. The cartridges are coated with denatonium benzoate which gives it a bitter taste, which according to Nintendo says should make the cards less of a choking hazard.

bundle_gray_tabletopLooking at its innards, the Switch is packing a NVidia custom Tegra processor with 32GB of storage, which can be expanded up to 2TB using a microSD card. The device also comes with Bluetooth v4.1, wi-fi ac, an accelerometer, gyroscope and a 4310mAh battery.

The Nintendo Switch is now available for purchase in select stores worldwide starting at US$299.

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