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Microsoft Announces the New Xbox One S

June 19th, 2016 | by Z. Gonzales

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has dominated the console wars for quite some time now and Microsoft is yet to close the gap between the PS4 and the Xbox One. Well, that may all change with the release of the new Xbox One S at E3.

The new gaming machine from Microsoft is said to be 40% smaller than the original Xbox One but packs more punch. The Xbox One S can be loaded with up to 2TB of internal storage and comes with a built-in PSU and IR blaster.

Microsoft has also redesigned the controller of the Xbox One S giving it textured grips on the handles and improving its range.

And if the improved feature set doesn’t impress you, maybe the pricing will. Microsoft is set to offer the new Xbox One at a very attractive price of $299.

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