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Electro-Voice Announces New Line-Array Loudspeaker System

May 25th, 2016 | by Z. Gonzales

Electro-Voice – the professional audio sub-brand of German company Bosch has recently unveiled its new line-array speakers from the X-Line Advance family, the X2-212/90.

X2 frontMeant to be used for large venues, the X2-212/90 is a high-performance compact 12-inch vertical line-array loudspeaker system that provides high sound pressure level capacity, extended high-frequency response and linear low-frequency output.

X2 SetupDespite its smaller footprint, the X2 was designed to deliver outstanding audio performance, full-bandwidth coverage and higher output. This means that it can be configured with fewer units without compromising audio performance. Subsequently, this makes the X2 the perfect product for mobile systems as setup/teardown and transit is easy.

The X2 features 12-inch neodymium woofer that provides higher output and lower distortion as well as 3-inch HF compression drivers. It also uses enhanced Hydra plane-wave generator for clarity and control.


Furthermore, the X2-212/90 utilizes built-in proprietary hardware that’s designed to enable even a small crew to setup/teardown the system faster and safer thanks to its dolly system that doubles as a transport and array assembly platform.

For more information about the EV X2-212/90, you can check out the company’s website here.

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