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Diet Diva:  A Healthy Food Delivery Service

Diet Diva: A Healthy Food Delivery Service

April 16th, 2016

Eating well is a form of respect. — unknown


We all have weight issues, either you are too thin or too fat. Whatever it is, change starts with making that decision to change.


Back in 2013, an officemate and I decided to live healthier. We started with jogging and boxing but we felt that it was not enough and we are still far from the target weight we were aiming for. So, one day, we decided to try out Diet Diva – a healthy food delivery service that was introduced to us by our boss.


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Diet Diva offers 1200 calories-a-day meal plan, which they deliver to your doorstep every single day for the next five days. The service was created by TV host and theater actor Kakki Teodoro together with Clark dela Riva, a nutritionist-dietician and fitness instructor back in 2012 and has since then served hundreds of clients every week.


The 1200-calorie diet was based on the daily recommended minimum calorie intake that is safe and healthy for weight loss. This means that unlike other extreme diets, Diet Diva’s daily meals allow individuals to lose weight, while at the same time provide their body with the minimum amount of nutrition necessary to function properly.


Ordering from the service is so easy. You can send them a message thru their mobile number to reserve a slot. Once a slot is confirmed, payment can be deposited thru their preferred banks. After receiving your payment, Diet Diva scans the deposit/payment slip and sends them back to you thru their email address. You’ll have the option to indicate the delivery address and you’re preferred time of delivery for your convenience.


So far, Diet Diva’s delivery service is quite reliable. They are also very reachable as they have their own website and they have a presence in major social networks.


Diet Diva 1.png

We always thought that healthy food means awful tasting food. Diet Diva promises healthy and delicious food. Of course, the food that they prepare and offer is not as tasty as the food we are used to eating but surprisingly, it is not as awful either. Most of the food that they prepare has a well-balanced taste. The food presentation, serving size and the taste lives up to the expectations presented through their menu which is posted thru their website, usually, every Thursday.


I have been ordering Diet Diva, on and off, for about 3 years already and so far I am happy with their service. I would definitely recommend Diet Diva to people who are looking for a healthy food delivery service in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle but don’t have the time to prepare their own food.

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