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Gear Review: Happy Mobile D-Lite Plus 2

Gear Review: Happy Mobile D-Lite Plus 2

April 13th, 2016

It seems the age of the plastic-bodied smartphone is about to come to an end as the number of manufacturers that are utilizing metal over plastic is slowly increasing over time. In fact, manufacturers are even using metal in the construction of budget phones giving these devices a new found look and feel.
A good of example of such strategy is Happy Mobile’s latest budget phone – the D-Lite Plus 2. I recently received a review unit of this model and took it for a spin for a couple of weeks to find out if getting a metal body makes it a more attractive buy than other phone made from plastic.
If in case you’re looking for an affordable phone that doesn’t look cheap, I suggest you read this review to find out if the Happy Mobile D-Lite Plus 2 is something that you like to pick-up.


Happy Mobile is very consistent with how they package their products. Just like the Magic Touch unit that we reviewed last year, the D-Lite Plus 2 comes with all the essentials you’ll need to operate and keep the device chugging.

Unboxing 3.png

The box’s device holds all the basic accessories including a wall charger, a sync/charge cable, a headset and even an extra flip cover case. Of course, there is the usual paperwork that includes the warranty and the safety use guide.


The D-Lite Plus 2 belongs to the company’s lower end product tier, which by today’s standards is really low, especially when you look at its price tag compared to models from more popular brands like Samsung, Sony, and Apple.
This is where it gets interesting, because, despite the cost restriction, Happy Mobile was still able to make the D-Lite Plus 2 look more valuable than its actual worth. I think this is mostly through the help of the metal frame that is used at the side of the device.
chamfered.pngThis review unit I got was colored gold and along with the metal frame’s chamfered edges give the device a somewhat premium feel though the metal edges of the frame weren’t as flush to the screen as with more premium devices making the phone feel a bit sharp when you’re holding it in your hands.
top.pngAt the right-hand side of the device, you’ll find both the volume rocker and the power/lock button while the left-hand side of the device is completely empty. The top edge is where the 3.5mm audio jack and the microUSB port is placed while the bottom edge is where the microphone is located.
bottom.pngThe majority of the handset’s front side is occupied by the 5-inch qHD display. At the bottom, you’ll find the three capacitive navigation buttons while at the top you’ll see the earpiece as well as the front-facing 2MP camera and the proximity sensor.
back cover.pngFinally, at the back we have the 5MP camera with LED flash at the top left corner, the company’s branding at the bottom as well as the lone speaker.


Apart from its stellar price tag, the Happy Mobile D-Lite 2 Plus has a few things it can definitely be proud of especially in the visuals department. For starters, I really like the display of the handset. It’s not as high-res as other devices I’ve used before but it’s really bright.
Flip cover.pngHowever, I didn’t really like the pre-installed screen protector as it has this matte texture that makes the screen a bit dull and it tends to attract smudges and dirt, which is not good if you have sweaty hands.

The handset comes with its own headset, but the quality isn’t that nice. I think most buyers will likely use their own headset after purchasing the D-Lite 2 Plus. The speakers at the back are okay, though they don’t have much bass and tend to sound a bit tinny, so I wouldn’t really recommend this as a strong device for music playback.
On the plus side, the phone’s audio works well with notifications. Users should expect average performance from this handset in terms of sound quality and is good for casual music listening and video watching.
Looking at the camera, I didn’t expect a lot from the phone. The back has a 5MP sensor and is good enough for spur of the moment shots. Unfortunately, you need to have really steady hands to use the D-Lite Plus 2 as it doesn’t come with touch focus or maybe even autofocus.
With the flash on, the performance of the D-Lite Plus 2 is average under low-light conditions, but using the camera without the flash results in very noisy shots. At the very least, the camera has built-in color effects and modes that can help you make your shots more creative and look better.
As for the selfie camera, the quality of the images it churns out is good enough for basic profile pictures but not that good if you plan to print portraits out of it.


In terms of software, the Happy Mobile D-Lite Plus 2 is running on Android 5.1.1, which is quite nice since even more powerful phones can sometimes run on older software. There’re a few customizations baked in the device including some UI elements and mainly the design of basic apps and widgets.
UI 1.pngBut for the most part, the software on the D-Lite Plus 2 remains loyal to Vanilla Android. There’s also minimal bloatware on the handset, which is very useful especially when you take into consideration the limited storage on the device.
UI 2.pngMaking its way into the DLP2 is Smart Wake, which utilizes gestures in activating certain apps and functions on the device when used on the lock screen. Unfortunately, most of the gestures under this feature are already pre-set and you can’t customize any of the settings to work with the apps you like.


The Happy Mobile DLP2 has 1GB of RAM and runs on a dual-core MediaTek MT6572 chip clocked at 1.3GHz. The innards are undeniably what many will consider as barebones, and as such delivers so-so performance.
Flip cover.pngFor the most part, the UI of the handset is responsive, but it can’t be helped that there are times that the DLP2 fails to keep up with certain apps and suffers from lag and stuttering.
During my test, I was able to run casual games like Zombie Tsunami without many issues, but there is a noticeable lag. I didn’t really try to load more demanding games for fear that the phone will crash or fill up the storage.
benchmark scores.pngI also installed Geekbench on the phone and was able to get a score of 253 for the single-core test and 450 for the multi-core test. Running NenaMark2, I was able to get a score of 37.5.
The DLP2 is packing a 2000mAh battery and should last for a day on moderate use.


Priced at less than Php4,000 the Happy Mobile D-Lite Plus 2 is certainly one of the most affordable phones in the market today. Despite the very low price, Happy Mobile was able to make it look like more than what its actual worth. This is especially thanks to the metal frame that binds the phone together.
However, a number of things had to be compromised in order to get this phone’s price down. These include the lower storage capacity, a low-resolution screen, and lesser cores. But the thing is, the DLP2 isn’t actually made for people who want performance or those who are concerned about benchmark scores. It’s more for people who are on a very tight budget or those who just wants to have a phone for calling and texting.
So at the end of the day, especially when you factor in its price, you’ll realize that you might actually be paying less than what you’re actually getting. And with that, there’s no doubt that it’s not such a bad buy.

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