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Gear Review: AKG Y50BT Wireless Headphones

Gear Review: AKG Y50BT Wireless Headphones

April 10th, 2016

One of the greatest benefits of using a Bluetooth device is that it allows you to do things hands-free. However, one of the drawbacks of using this technology, especially for audio devices is that it can reduce the quality of audio produced and it occasionally suffers from a number of restrictions and issues.


Last year, I reviewed JBL’s Synchros E40BT and despite the positive experience I’ve had with it, I didn’t really feel compelled on shelling out the money needed to buy one for my own.


Fortunately, the generous people of A. Refinery has lent me a review unit of an AKG Y50BT and for the past few weeks, I took another jab at using a Bluetooth headphone, now from a different brand to see if it can actually change my mind and finally go wireless.


So without further ado, here are my thoughts about AKG’s Y50BT headphones. Read this review and find out if this product is worth picking up.





The AKG Y50BT comes with a simple package. There are no fancy box or materials, just paper, and plastic that’s fashioned in a very simple and underrated design.



Once you open the box, there’s not much to revel in. AKG has provided only the bare essentials to make the Y50BT work. These include a carrying pouch, a USB charging cable, a detachable bypass audio cable in case you want to use it like an ordinary headphone and of course the usual paperwork that includes the warranty card and safety use guide.




In contrast to its packaging, the actual unit is quite stylish. The headset uses several materials in its construction including metal, plastic, and leather.


FoldedThe back of the ear cups are made from metal with a brushed

the ear cups are made from metal with a brushed aluminum finish and features the company’s branding. The edges of the cans also feature chamfering which gives it a premium look. The sides of the cups are decorated with repetitive depressions using the Y-series logo that resemble tire threads which give the headphones an additional design accent.


Cans 2


The headband is also made from metal with the company’s logo etched right smack at the middle. Attached to each end of the band is an arm that holds each can. These arms have a 3-axis folding mechanism that allows the Y50BT to be folded and hauled into the included pouch or into a small bag.


The left can of the headphone holds the LED notification light as well as the micro-USB charging port while the right can is where you’ll find the control buttons and the microphone. The buttons are placed at the side of the can, probably to prevent any disruption with the design. These buttons include those for volume control, one for the microphone and pause/play and the pair button.


LR Labels


Soft and comfortable foam covered in what seem to be leather (not sure if it’s genuine leather or leatherette) line both the ear cups and the headband.




Using the AKG Y50BT is quite easy. You pair the device with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC by long pressing the pair button once and just follow the instructions on your device to connect.


LED light

In terms of the quality of the sound coming from its 40mm audio drivers, I can definitely say that AKG did a great job in fine tuning the audio properties of the Y50BT. The sound coming from the drivers has that distinct base but it doesn’t really overpower the treble, which results in a somewhat balanced sound.


The Y50BT is lined with what seems to be leather (although I’m not sure if it’s genuine leather or leatherette) partnered with very soft foam. This makes for a very comfortable fit despite the headphone’s on-ear design which puts pressure on your ears.


charging cups

Looking at the device’s battery life – AKG claims the Y50BT is able to last for 20 hours on a single charge. Although I wasn’t able to accurately confirm this, I think the device’s battery was able to assert its claim. During my test, I was using the headphones for around 5-6 hours a day and I only needed to charge the device on the 5th day or even further than that.


As for the charging time, it’s quite difficult to accurately measure how long the Y50BT can go from empty to full charge. As the device didn’t come with its own wall charger, the charging time will depend on what kind of charger you are using. During my test, I used a 5V charger and it took me more than 6 hours to fully charge the device – this is the time when you see the LED notification light go red and you hear a sound that signals you need to charge the device.



As for the ear-cup-mounted controls, they are a bit awkwardly placed and it takes a bit of getting used to. During my first week using the Y50BT, there were times that I mistakenly pressed the volume button when I was specifically looking for the play/pause button. Fortunately, this gets better over time as you’ll remember (through muscle memory) the placement of the buttons as time goes by.




So after spending weeks with the AKG Y50BT, I can definitely say that AKG did an outstanding job in engineering these pair of cans. The headphones have a premium design which is backed by fine-tuned audio bringing a very pleasurable experience to the user.


For its price of around Php7500, the AKG Y50BT is definitely more expensive than your traditional wired headphones and even other Bluetooth cans in the market, but considering what it brings to the table, that price tag is worth every penny.


With all things said, it seems I have finally found a headphone that I’m willing to spend some sizeable amount of money on – and that’s this AKG Y50BT.


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