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Xiaomi and Hasbro Working on a Transformer Tablet

April 9th, 2016 | by Z. Gonzales

So Xiaomi’s celebrating its anniversary this month and the Chinese company is teaming up with American toy manufacturer Hasbro for a special edition tablet that turns into a transformer.

Xiaomi Transformer tablet.pngThe transforming tablet has the same dimensions and looks as the company’s Mi Pad 2 and transforms into the Decepticon Soundwave a 30-step folding process. The device doesn’t really work as an electronic tablet and only functions as a toy.

Xiaomi Transformer tablet back.pngXiaomi’s Hugo Barra announced on Facebook that the company will be crowd funding the toy’s production. As of this moment, it looks like the project is now over 700% over its goal, so it’s likely that the toy will be manufactured soon.

The tablet will be offered in China for around $26 for the 190mm tall figure.

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