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Gear Review: Logitech F310 Gamepad

March 22nd, 2016 | by Z. Gonzales

Casual gamers who are planning to level up their game (especially those who are fans of fighting, racing and adventure games) should definitely consider getting a gamepad. Now, while there are many options currently available in the market, you’d want to start out with something very capable but not too expensive.

Logitech F310: CoverLogitech is one of the brands in the tech space that offers just that with its F310 wired gamepad. With the price tag of less than $30, it’s definitely affordable, but is it worth getting? Check out my review and find out.



In terms of packaging, Logitech did a modest job with the F310. The controller comes in a blister pack with only a quick start guide inside. The package design follows the theme of the company’s G-line of gaming accessories, which means the box is predominantly blue and black.


Logitech F310: Unbox

Any drivers needed to activate certain features of the gamepad can be downloaded from Logitech’s website.



The Logitech F310 was designed to mimic the look and feel of today’s generation of gaming consoles and looking at the design, one can see a resemblance to both the Xbox’s and PlayStation’s controllers.

Logitech F310: Buttons

In terms of its shape and button placement, the F310 follows the language of the PlayStation controller, but instead of the traditional square, cross, circle and triangle buttons, you’ll see the letter A, B, X and Y buttons with the same colours found on the Xbox controller.

Logitech F310: Triggers

The gamepad also features the same analogue sticks on the PS controller as well as the usual shoulder and trigger buttons at the front. There’s also a switch at the back side of the controller which allows users to switch from Xinput to DirectInput depending on the game they’re playing.



Playing games on a PC with the F310 is a plug and play affair. For the most part, the gamepad should work with the drivers preinstalled on most current operating systems. In theory, the F310 should also work on the PlayStation and Xbox but this isn’t as intuitive as the process on the PC.

Logitech F310: Sticks

I also had an issue (albeit a minor one) with regards to the buttons’ tactile feedback. In contrast to the Xbox and PlayStation controllers that I’ve tried out before, the F310’s buttons don’t offer a unified experience.

Logitech F310: Shoulder

The analogue sticks, as well as the control buttons, behave fairly normal, but the shoulder buttons are of the clicky type which is quite different from what we’re used to in the console versions. Also, the directional pad behaves differently as it uses a mechanism that sits on multiple axes which should allow for more precise control. The only problem is it doesn’t feel durable.



After using the Logitech F310 for a couple of weeks, I can say that it’s a good starter gaming accessory for novice gamers who are just starting out with the hobby or sport.

It’s very affordable compared to other controllers from reputable brands and yet it’s not really a push over. For its price, the F310 does what it’s supposed to, which makes it great for gamers who are just starting out or those who are on a tight budget.


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