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Food Trip: Cajun Red Rock

March 18th, 2016 | by Z. Gonzales

It seems more and more Cajun-style restaurants are popping out of the city these days. While most restos try to focus on promoting their brand through a specific cuisine in this culture, there are those that try to bring the entire Cajun experience to the table. Cajun Red Rock is one such company who’s trying this strategy by bringing as much American comfort food as they can into our menus.

Was it successful in bringing authentic southern flavours into Filipino bellies? We visited one of its branches to find out.



The particular branch we visited was in SM Megamall, which is one of three located in the metro. In terms of interior, Cajun Red Rock doesn’t really shout South American to me. With the exception of the red door with the Cajun brand on top, the rest of the restaurant feels like its experiencing some identity problems.

Cajun Red Rock: AmbianceThe décor, for instance, feels more like what you’d find in an Italian or French-inspired restaurant. Nonetheless, the place is very cozy and you might even consider it as being classy with the various glass décor and white moldings used throughout the place.

Cajun Red Rock: DecorOn the downside, there are places inside the restaurant that feel a bit cramped and the outside seating doesn’t really work well for those who want a quiet place to eat or chit chat as it’s placed alongside the main walkway of the mall where hundreds of people pass by.



As for the quality of the food served, there is room for improvement for Cajun Red Rock. In general, the food tasted really good and there’s a generous selection of dishes to choose from.

Cajun Red Rock: Food 1 Cajun Red Rock: Food 2 Cajun Red Rock: Food 3However, I think the restaurant needs to improve on the serving size of their dishes, especially given the price they charge their customers for their food. Most of the food we ordered are good for sharing yet at the end of the meal, it feels like the quantity of food was just a tad short to satiate our appetite.



Cajun Red Rock sits at the edge of affordable restaurants in terms of price. On the average, you’ll likely spend around Php300 to Php500 per meal in this restaurant, which is quite a lot for most people.

After my dining experience on Cajun Red Rock, here are a few of my take away points. First, it’s not a place for people who are looking for that unique and authentic Cajun experience. Whenever I hear the word Cajun, certain descriptions such festive and southern hospitality comes to mind, which is not really present when you visit the place.

The food is definitely good but serving size could use some work especially when you’re considering the price of the food on the menu. All in all, this is not something I’d recommend to customers who are on a tight budget, but if they’re willing to splurge a little for some American comfort food, Cajun Red Rock is definitely a strong choice.


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