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Gear Review: Energeyes Digital Glasses

March 9th, 2016 | by Z. Gonzales

If you’re reading this article, chances are, you’re a really tech savvy person or at the very least, you frequent the internet either for work or just for entertainment. There’s also a large possibility that you’re using different types of electronic devices to access information on the internet.

Unfortunately, the use of such devices for extended periods of time can have negative effects on the human body, more specifically to the eyes. According to research, the use of digital devices for long hours can cause digital eye strain – a discomfort caused by long exposure to the blue-violet light that are emitted by digital displays. This kind of light have wavelengths from 380 to 500nm and are said to cause harm to the retinas.

If you have a 9 to 5 job that requires you to stare into a computer or laptop, there’s really not much you can do to reduce the amount of time staring at your monitor. Yes, there are actually apps that work on mobile phones and tablets that allow you to change the color temperature of the display in order to reduce the blue-light emitted by their screens, but not all displays have this feature.

A sure way to go around this problem is by using digital glasses that are equipped with specially coated lenses that deflect blue light.

One particular brand that produces such glasses comes from Singapore. This brrand is now officially available in the Philippines through a local reseller. We got our hands on a pair of these digital glasses to test if they are really helpful in reducing digital eye strain.



When it comes to packaging, Energeyes has decided to go with a modest approach. The product is neatly placed in a triangular box made from transparent plastic which have prints that talk about the benefits of the product.

Energeyes 1

Opening the box, you’ll find the glasses held by a clear plastic cut-out, which keeps the product in place. Unlike other products I’ve unboxed before, this one doesn’t come with the usual plethora or paper work or even care instructions. You do get a small cloth case that doubles as a lens cleaner which tucked underneath the triangular paper section at the bottom of the box.



Looking at the product’s design, I could say that Energeyes was able to make the glasses as fashionable as it can get. The glasses come in a variety of styles and colors to suit the needs and preferences of different people and it doesn’t look nerdy or dorky in any way.

Energeyes 2

The glasses are predominantly plastic, though certain finishes on some of its components make it look like it has metal in its design. The plastic used in the frame of the glasses have this matte texture which for me helps in keeping the scratches at bay.

The glasses’ right temple is where you’ll find the Energeyes branding, while the left one is where the product code is printed. The inner side of the lenses looks like normal glasses but the outer side has a blue tint which of course is the one responsible for deflecting blue light.



I’ve had the Energeyes glasses for a couple of months now and so far, I noticed a number of improvements in the condition of my eyes. For starters, I no longer squint when I stare into my laptop or monitor for extended periods of time after using the product.

I also observed that there’s an improvement in contrast with the images viewed when using the glasses. According to the company’s website, the glasses are also able to reduce the amount of glare which is a caused when light bounces off surfaces.

Energeyes 3

When it comes to product care, the lack of a hard case can pose an issue especially for people who like to carelessly put stuff in their bags. Since the glasses are made of plastic, it could easily snap if you’re not careful with it. Moreover, the plastic lenses are quite a fingerprint magnet, so having a microfiber cloth on hand is important in maintaining the glasses.

Energeyes 4

Another issue with the Energeyes Digital glasses is that it doesn’t provide a way for you to adjust the fit of the glasses, so you’re pretty much stuck with the glasses you bought whether its loose or tight for your preference. Moreover, the glasses are not meant for people who previously use prescription eye wear.



After using the Energeyes Digital glasses for weeks, I can say that it was able to fullfill its promise of reducing eye strain caused by digital displays. There was a noticeable improvement in eye comfort after using the product and I actually got used so much to wearing the glasses that I found it hard to use a PC without it.

Energeyes 5

However, there are some issues that I feel can be worked out. I wish there was a hard case that come with the product and that there was a way to easily adjust the fit based on one’s preferences.

With all things said, the Energeyes Digital glasses is still a solid choice for people who’d like to take care of their vision and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s suffering from digital eye strain.

Energeyes is exclusively distributed by Ekotek and can be had for around $50 or Php1,999.


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