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Featured Gear: Booq Taipan, Viper and Mamba

March 2nd, 2016 | by Z. Gonzales

When you’re spending hundreds of dollars on the hottest and latest electronics whether for content consumption or for productivity purposes, having the best bit of protection to safeguard your investments from the elements is almost mandatory especially if you want your gadgets to live a long life.

There are a lot of options for consumers when it comes to such protective accessories for their gadgets. For those who are shopping for a case or sleeve for their beloved laptop or tablet, a good brand to consider is Booq’s line of protective accessories.

I got my hands on three of the company’s laptop cases – the Taipan, Viper and Mamba and tried them out for a couple of weeks to see if it. Really does provide the right amount of protection most consumers are looking for to take care of their devices.



The smallest of the bunch of sleeves I reviewed is the Booq Taipan Spacesuit which is designed to be used with the 12-inch MacBook. In terms of design, I think this sleeve would appeal more to women since it uses light colored materials and the honeycomb pattern it uses in its construction looks a lot like what fashion designers would use on clothing.

The sleeve has ample amounts of padding that ensures your device is well-protected, at least from scratches and minor dents. The Taipan also uses leather zipper pullers and Booq was generous enough to provide several replacements that come in different color options. Moreover, the zipper section features padded zipper guards that prevent the zipper mechanism from scratching your gear whenever you open or close the sleeve.

Although the sleeve is designed for a specific MacBook model, I reckon it can be used with other devices such as tablets and netbooks that measure less than 10 inches. If you’re device falls within this range of measurement, you can grab the Booq Taipan Spacesuit for around $40 (~Php2,300)



For those who have a larger device and those who require a more rigid type of protection for their 13-inch MacBook, Booq’s Viper Case is obviously the best choice.

In contrast to the soft material used in the Taipan Spacesuit, the Viper Case is made from semi-rigid molded body made from ballistic nylon. The Viper’s interior is also quite different from its smaller sibling as this model uses Airmesh material that acts as a net that cushions the device when you’re on the move.


Booq has also used high-grade genuine YKK metal zipper on the Viper which should ensure that the zipper mechanism will last for a long time. Just like the Taipan Spacesuit, the Viper Case comes in various sizes. The one I got was specifically designed for 13-inch MacBooks but again, it should work with Windows-based laptops that are 12 inches or smaller.

Those interested in getting a Viper Case should be prepared to shell out around $45 or around Php2,490.



If you have a bigger laptop and you want a sleeve that’s as stylish as the Taipan can look at the Mamba Sleeve. Just like the Taipan, this model is part of Booq’s Fibre collection, which means it features the same plush lining to protect your gear.

However, unlike the Taipan, the Mamba uses a more simple and understated look. The Mamba trades the honeycomb pattern for a woven pattern that resembles a sack pattern. The material used on the exterior of the sleeve is made from 100% natural fiber and provides a simple and underrated design.


It also features high-quality YKK zippers and although it doesn’t provide the same amount of rigidity as the Viper case, it’s considerably less bulky making it easy to place inside your bag. As with the Taipan and the Viper, the Mamba is offered in different sizes, but the one I got was for the 13-inch MacBook.

Those interested in getting a Mamba sleeve should be prepared to cash out around $40 or around Php2,300.

NOTE: All models come in 11, 12, 13 and 15-inch variants. The Booq Mamba, Viper and Taipan Spacesuit can be purchased in A. Refinery stores in the following location:

  • Refinery Level 2, UP Town Center
  • Refinery Level 3, Ayala Center Cebu
  • Refinery Level 2, Abreza Ayala Mall

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